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Haker za kierownicą, czyli skutki cyberataku na branżę automotive

Hacker at the Wheel: The Consequences of a Cyber Attack on the Automotive Industry

The Automotive Sector in Poland is currently the second-largest branch of production. Along with its collaborating ...
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Remote hacking - intelligent buildings and cybersecurity.

Technology accompanies us in almost every aspect of daily life. The rapid technological development...
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Close the doors to hackers: how to avoid a cyber attack on a hotel

A cyber attack on a hotel can have serious consequences. Guest data leaks, IT system shutdowns,...
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Hotel hackers, what are the causes and effects of a cyberattack on a hotel?

Hotels are very convenient and hospitable places for hackers - and not just literally. The level of...
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NIS 2 Directive and Cybersecurity of European Companies

The EU NIS 2 Directive, which has been discussed for the past few years, finally came into force in...
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Cyberattack consequences for the medical and pharmaceutical industries

Medical facilities and pharmaceutical companies are among the most frequently targeted by hackers....
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Challenges in cybersecurity for pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry has developed pretty fast and the pandemic time only helped with that. All...
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Ransomware attacks evolution: cryptoransomware, leakware and scareware

Ransomware attacks on companies are being observed for a long time already. Lately, number of such...
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Cybersecurity in medical facility – 8 good practices

Progressing digitalization touches every branch. According to Polish Centrum e-Zdrowia up to 89% of...
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Can your company  cybersecurity be properly covered without an expert?

Increased activity of cybercriminals online results in rapid increase of cyberattacks number. Not...
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MIT CEE Boston Bootcamp

On June 2022 we took part on MIT CEE Boston Bootcamp, as the Enterprise Forum describes it, ‘a...
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LT Capital collaboration

LT Capital has invested over PLN 1 million of capital (250.000 euros) to support product...
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